1. Workshop

The 1st workshop on the use and further development of the scenario package "Driver Fitness and Ability" took place at the WIVW on 21st of October 2015.

The scenario package DFA and the software module "Standardized Application for Fitness to Drive Evaluations" (S.A.F.E.) are helpful tools for the integrated and fair assessment of driving performance. All participants of the workshop presented their studies in which the DFA scenario package has recently been used. In particular, the alcohol calibration study, which had been conducted in the static BASt driving simulator and has recently been published in the report M 263 "Effects of alcohol on driving a representative test course in the BASt driving simulator". The study was carried out in an analogous manner to the alcohol calibration study of the WIVW, which had been conducted in the dynamic driving simulator of the WIVW. With regard to the assessment of driving ability, the results show a high comparability of the two simulator development stages.