Info for Test Drivers

Info for Test Drivers

Are you interested in becoming a test driver?

As a test driver we invite you to take part in driving tests in simulators or actual vehicles or to fill out online questionnaires. Every time we invite you to studies you can freely decide if you would like to participate or not. We will thank you for your participation with an expense allowance. You won’t enter into an obligation by signing up to be test driver. Your personal information will be treated confidentially and anonymously .

By cooperating you make an important contribution to safety and technical research .

We conduct traffic science related studies concerning the following topics:

  • fatigue in road traffic
  • effects and composition of advanced driver assistance systems
  • safety and comfort of automobiles
  • driving in older age
  • psychotropic substances
  • and many more

Our main cooperation partners are automobile groups, automotive supply companies and institutions such as the Federal Highway Research Institute or the University of Würzburg.


Do you live in the Würzburg area? Do you have some free time now and then from Monday to Friday during the day? If yes, would you like to join our test driver panel? Then we could invite you to take part in driving tests at irregular intervals. If you are interested and are able to speak German fluently, please send an e-mail to Sonja Hoffmann (

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have.
Thank you!