SILAB is available in three versions:

SILAB Essential

  • Create routes by flexibly combining predefined traffic scenarios.
  • Included is a comprehensive package with more than 30 restricted-access highway, two-lane highway and city scenarios.
  • In addition, scenarios are included that allow your driver to learn the handling of simulator vehicle step-by-step. This will help drivers who experience simulator sickness or other issues when using the simulation and thus improve the quality of the simulation results.
  • Expand your range of scenarios with predefined scenario packages for different issues (such as distraction, assistance systems, driving ability).
  • Integrate commonly used systems for measuring driver physiology and eye movement.
  • Integrate external hardware and software (such as display and control elements, eye movement detectors) through common used communication interfaces (such as TCP/IP, UDP, CAN).
  • Synchronously record the data collected during the simulation (such as driver inputs, physiological data, characteristics of the simulated vehicle and performance measures such as lane usage) and data from external hardware in detailed log files.
  • Import the recorded files directly into your tool for further processing and analysis (such as Matlab, Statistica, SPSS or Excel).

SILAB Professional

 In addition to the functions of SILAB Essential, this version offers the following options:

  • Design your own scenarios in urban, highway and country road environments.
  • Use a graphical editor and a simple script language to define all aspects of a scenario in detail: road geometry, pavement markings, signage, traffic lights, surrounding landscape and buildings, behavior of simulated vehicles, and pedestrians.
  • Modify pre-defined scenarios to your needs.
  • Create your own reusable scenario packages.
  • Use the additional SILAB desktop licenses to develop and test scenarios conveniently at multiple workstations.

SILAB Enterprise

In addition to the functions of SILAB Professional, this version offers the following options:

  • Extend the simulation to your own software and hardware components (such as assistance systems and their sensors, data acquisition hardware, secondary driver tasks).
  • Use programming interfaces for C/C ++, JAVA and Ruby to generate detailed queries of simulation data (road geometry, simulated road users) and to control simulation processes.
  • Integrate models and features developed with Matlab or Simulink into your simulation.
  • Use the additional SILAB desktop licenses to develop, integrate and test your software and hardware components at multiple workstations.

For all three versions, we can

  • configure the software for your specific needs and put it into operation at your site;
  • provide you and your colleagues with comprehensive training in the functions and operation of the software;
  • be available for support and maintenance issues as they arise.