Methods and Equipment

Static and Dynamic Car Simulation

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For questions involving the investigation of systems in the early stages of development or scenarios that might pose a risk to other vehicles on the road, the method of choice is the driving simulator. We can flexibly use a full range of platforms adapted to the question at hand and your budget: from static, fixed-base driving simulators to a fully equipped, dynamic driving simulators with our own SILAB simulation software. Alternatively, we can also provide support in studies conducted at your own simulation setup.

Motorcycle Simulation

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In the motorcycle sector, research into the behavior and experience of drivers in interaction with the vehicle is becoming increasingly important. Motorcycle simulation allows basic research questions such as stress, distraction, etc. to be addressed as well as applied research in testing various display and control concepts, design of the human-machine interface, etc. in a safe and controlled environment. We can adapt the motorcycle mock-up at any time to address your particular research questions.

Real Driving Tests

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When attempting to address questions of controllability, it is fundamentally important to consider real vehicle dynamics by conducting studies in the actual vehicle with test drivers on our test track. The data we collect with the usual instruments or with our in-house SILAB simulation software can be flexibly used for this purpose. We also conduct real driving tests in real traffic conditions, for example, as part of evaluating systems nearing readiness for serial production. We have a wealth of experience in supporting field tests and processing and analyzing real vehicle data collected under field operational tests.

Eye Movement

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Detecting drivers' eye movement is key to answering many questions, such as the distraction potential of infotainment systems or assessing driver attentiveness in general. WIVW has a number of different eye tracking systems available that are selected based on the question being addressed, starting with single-camera systems like those found in driver state monitoring systems soon to hit the dealers and all the way to multi-view movement camera systems and portable systems that monitor the driver's field of view.


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The use of psychophysiological measurement instruments is essential in clinical studies focused on the driver's state as well as detecting driver attentiveness and fatigue in other areas of automotive research. Our institute has a wealth of experience in using a wide variety of methods, including EEG, ECG, EMG, and eyelid movement.