Training and Education

Initial driver instruction and further training measures are key to ensuring road safety. In addition to the classical methods of providing this instruction, new and innovative methods are becoming available. Driving simulation has especially proven itself useful as a highly effective training method in many areas of driver training. WIVW has many years' experience developing, implementing and evaluating simulator-based driver training systems.

As a training developer, we support you in defining the learning objectives and content relevant for different driver groups and implementing the selected training with appropriate methods in a practical and scientifically-based manner. It is always important to integrate the new training methods into the existing training system and use them sensibly in addition to other methods.

In simulator-based training of driving under emergency situations, we offer an additional complete driving simulation solution made up of widely tested scenarios. The packet of emergency operations scenarios was developed in close cooperation with police and emergency services and includes over fifty specific traffic scenarios, from which the training manager can easily and efficiently tailor a custom training package for your individual needs. The German Road Safety Council and the BGAG Institute of the German Accident Insurance Industry are already successfully putting this innovative solution to use.

Currently, as part of the MobilTrain project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, another training package for the driving simulation system is being developed to provide targeted practice in traffic situations where age may play a critical role. For further information, please take a look at our flyer Driver Fitness and Ability.