Driving Simulation and SILAB

Our established driving simulation software SILAB is continuously being developed and optimized for various applications for more than fifteen years together with our partners and clients from the industry and research institutes. If you are interested in the interaction between driver, vehicle and traffic environment, our driving simulation software is ideal for you : A flexible, efficient and recognized tool that meets your needs.

SILAB is flexible:

  • SILAB supports driving simulators at various stages of development, from a single PC with a gaming steering wheel and pedals to driving simulators with multi-channel field of view, a real vehicle and a movement system.

SILAB is realistic:

Autobahn   Grossstadtallee   Nacht
Nebel   Regen   Winter
  • The behavior of the simulated vehicle is based on complex physical models. It allows you to simulate driving with cars, vans, buses and trucks.
  • The behavior of the other users of the road is based on modern models from the traffic simulation. In addition, their behavior can be set with great precision and detail to simulate specific traffic situations.
  • The virtual world is presented to the driver with a modern graphics engine. You can also set specific times of the year and hour of the day, lighting models, and weather and road conditions in your scenarios.
  • The sounds made by the simulated vehicle and of other road users are generated by a 3-D sound model. In addition to the faithfully reproduced sounds of the test vehicle, the driver can also locate other road users and assess their type, distance and speed.
Autbahnbaustelle   Stadtbruecke   Stadtringauffahrt
Talbruecke   Tunneleinfahrt   Winterbruecke

SILAB is scenario-driven:


  • Access proven and immediately usable scenario packets to address a wide range of questions (such as simulator orientation, driving ability, distraction or testing different assistance systems).
  • With the tools of SILAB, you can design scenarios tailored to your concerns that can be repeatedly used. Create road networks incl. pavement markings, signs and traffic lights. Design the road shoulder and the surrounding landscape with the numerous tools and graphical elements that come with SILAB.
  • Insert other road users (cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians) into your scenario to create dense, realistic traffic scenarios or to put your driver into specific traffic situations.
  • Manage reusable scenarios with an easy-to-use tool.
  • A unique mechanism is also available that allows you to change the sequence of scenarios during the simulation depending on the driver, making it possible for you to use your scenarios in a replicable and efficient manner.

SILAB is open:

wivw-09   WIVW 33 SIM1 Radkasten   WIVW 20 Physiologie    
WIVW 27 Versuchsträger Kombi   WIVW 54 SIM2        
  • Record driver input, physiological measurements, the parameters of the physical vehicle simulation and information about the road and other road users for use in subsequent analysis. The data of your own software and hardware components will also be recorded synchronously.
  • Record videos from different camera angles synchronized to the measured data as well as data from external devices measuring such things as eye movement or driver physiology.
  • Observe and modify parameters and other key values in real time during the simulation. This also works with the parameters of your own software and hardware components.
  • Control or integrate external hardware and software with flexible interfaces (such as CAN bus, TCP/IP, UDP).
  • Integrate your own software components by means of APIs for C/C++, JAVA and Ruby. Access detailed data from the simulation to set up sensors, assistance systems or situation-dependent secondary tasks.
  • Integrate your MATLAB/Simulink models into the driving simulation.
  • Use ready-made interfaces for integrated measurement technology, physiological measurement devices, eye movement systems, HMI devices and Android-based mobile devices.

SILAB is user friendly:


  • SILAB features easy-to-use graphical user interfaces for compiling traffic scenarios and controlling driving simulations for different stretches of road.
  • You do not need specialist knowledge or programming skills to design your own traffic scenarios tailored to your specific questions.
  • You can usually handle integrating external hardware and software through SILAB's numerous interfaces yourself.
  • The functions and options offered by all of the components of SILAB are described in a detailed set of documentation. There are interactive tutorials on designing traffic scenarios and expanding the software.
  • Our support team is ready to help with any questions that you might gave when working with the software and also advice on how to set up the software to address your questions.