Areas of Applications

SILAB has been successfully used in the following applications:

Research & Development


  • Testing vehicle components at very early stages of development in a realistic and reproducible vehicle and traffic environment
  • Assessing the impact of new transport infrastructure technologies on drivers
  • Obtaining data for making and evaluating design decisions for transport and vehicle systems

With flexible interfaces, detailed traffic environments, extensive data logging and the option to create tailor-made, reproducible test scenarios, SILAB is exactly the right tool.



  • Objective, standardized and realistic measurement of a client's/patient's driving performance
  • Holistic assessment of driving ability
  • Rapidly available test results that are easy to interpret

SILAB provides a modular and innovative system to handle these tasks: the "Driver Fitness and Ability" (DFA) packet and the "Standardized Application for Fitness to Drive Evaluations" (SAFE) software module are indispensable tools for holistic and fair evaluation of driving performance. You can find more information about the scenario packet DFA and the software module SAFE here.

Narrow lane   Lane change   Passing parking bus

Training and Rehabilitation


  • Training and rehabilitation concepts tailored to a specific group of drivers (new drivers, emergency drivers, patients, ...)
  • Intensive, effective training
  • Optimization of learning success through interactive simulation

The SILAB driving simulators enable precise situations at various levels of difficulty to be set up for training purposes. The adaptive rendering of traffic situations and special features such as enhanced reality or video replays provide innovative support to trainers and trainees alike.


WIVW 38 SIM1 Instruktorplatz

  • Allow the results of research and development work to be experienced
  • Visualize ideas and concepts to allow them to be discussed within the team or with decision makers
  • Produce impressive animations and video segments for presentations

SILAB offers extensive options for modeling driving scenarios that will make complex issues understandable and clear.