Driving simulation

We offer you car, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle simulators at various extension stages – from the simple single-seat solution to the fully equipped mock-up with 360° view and motion system. Based on our many years of experience in industry and research, we’ll help you find the ideal solution and support you in every phase – starting with high-quality hardware equipment all the way to the software installation, commissioning phase and uptake of following research:

  • Clarification of your individual requirements
  • Customized conception of hardware and software depending on your questions and your company‘s conditions
  • Construction of the driving simulator together with our reliable partners, on-site commission at your facility
  • Intensive training for you and your colleagues so that you’re able to use your new tool right away
  • Extensive advice and fast support for your everyday use of the driving simulator
  • Continuous further development and updates for the driving simulation software SILAB so that you can always work with the latest features
  • As your research contractor we also advise and support you with your research.
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All of our simulators are operated by our in-house driving simulation software SILAB. The software has been continuously developed and optimized for various applications for more than fifteen years together with our partners and clients from the industry and research institutes.

Please contact us for an individual offer!