SESPIN project final presentation and expert workshop

At the end of February, the SESPIN project had its final presentation, followed by an expert workshop. The final recommendations for the safe and efficient integration of S-pedelec riders were discussed with experts from all D-A-CH countries.

The contribution of WIVW to the project was the structured behavioural observation of S-pedelec riders in the bicycle simulator. Thus, the bicycle simulator was adapted to S-pedelec-specific aspects. Furthermore, different cycling facilities as well as conflict situations with other road users were implemented. Riding behaviour was evaluated on the basis of average speeds, passing distances and other safety-relevant parameters.

Background: The goal of the SESPIN project is to develop transnational, scientifically validated infrastructural and techno-social solutions for the efficient and safe integration of S-pedelec riders into the general transport system. Particular attention is paid to the interaction with other road users. The aim is to generate recommendations for action that are accepted not only by S-pedelec riders, but also by all road users, and that lead to increased road safety for everyone.

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