BASt report on automatic emergency braking systems for motorbikes

The BASt (the German Federal Highway Research Institute) has published a WIVW report on automatic emergency braking systems for motorbikes, which can be downloaded here free and is available with an English abstract:

The aim of the project “Autonomous emergency braking for motorcycles” was to determine the limits of the applicability of such systems. Besides the physical limits, it is also necessary to consider the limits determined by the rider capabilities. The rider is an integral part of the unstable rider-vehicle-system and needs to be able to control the intervention of an emergency braking system as otherwise destabilization or even a fall can occur. [...]

Studies were conducted, showing that with suitable autonomous braking interventions, the initial speed can almost be reduced to half before the rider even starts to apply the brakes. Simulator experiments showed that warning elements can have a positive influence on the rider reaction.