WIVW’s contribution to electrified Powered Two-Wheelers

Electrification in the transport domain is one of the most relevant issues and it is also under investigation and development in the Powered Two-Wheeler sector. Recently, the Austrian Motorrad Magazin (https://www.motorrad-magazin.at/) published an article on the project EMotion which addresses this topic (#FFG #klimafonds). With eleven partners from Austria (e.g., #KTM, #KISKA, #AiT, #SalzburgResearch), two innovative electric scooters have been developed. #WIVW’s contribution was primarily on the analysis of user needs and the development and evaluation of an eco-coaching system that assists riders in using the energy efficiently.

You can get a good impression on what has been achieved here: https://youtu.be/dTvBU2g8-gM