Young Swiss learner drivers train on SILAB-run lorry simulators.

Since the summer of 2023, recruits of the Swiss Army have been sharpening their driving skills on driving simulators powered by SILAB®.

WIVW is very proud to be the partner of choice for the Swiss Army, when it comes to driving simulation, as the Army already has extensive experience in training its lorry learner drivers on driving simulators and has a clear vision of what to expect from a heavy-duty software solution.

By June 2024, a total of five Armasuisse sites will be equipped with five simulators each to offer the best possible learning conditions for lorry learner drivers. SILAB DET Truck offers a wide range of exercises with increasing levels of difficulty: From getting to know the vehicle on a training yard, intensive maneuvering trainings to longer drives through traffic on city roads, motorways, and rural roads.

Simulator-based training allows specific driving tasks to be practiced in a safe and controlled environment without endangering others, all while reducing wear, fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

WIVW´s time-tested software solution SILAB® came out on top in the tendering process thanks to its flexible curriculum design and intuitive usability for trainers and students. SILAB DET Truck allows students to work independently and at their own pace on the simulator to focus on their personal areas of interest and thus achieve their training goals quickly and efficiently.

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