SILAB 7.0 released

We are proud to announce that the SILAB version 7.0 is available to our customers as of now. The new version contains the following new features:

- The urban environment has been completely redesigned. Now, there are over 150 new buildings, each of which can be shown in 90 colour combinations.

- New road users are also included: streetcars, trailers and agricultural machinery, among others.

- The character set of all texts has been changed to the Unicode (UTF-8) - HMIs, signs and text overlays can now be displayed in most languages of the world.

- Besides the new import function for OpenStreetMap and OpenDrive compatible data, numerous simplifications to the operation of SILABAEdit make it easier than ever to design scenarios.

- A model for the structure of road surfaces has been added to the SCNX database. The model is consistent with the graphical representation of road textures and realistically simulates the effect on heights and friction coefficients.

- The road surface information is used by the new vehicle dynamics DPUDYNCar to enable the realistic simulation of vehicle driving dynamics even in the limit range. All components of the vehicle (tires, chassis, powertrain) are freely configurable and can be adapted to the target vehicle (small car, sedan, van, etc.).

- Custom DPUs can now also be created in Python. Users have full access to information from the database and traffic simulation.

- Optimizations in the visualization SGE allow displaying three full HD views (or 1x 4K) via a single simulator computer.

- And much more...