SILAB® 7.2 is now available!

The latest version of our simulation software SILAB 7.2 contains many new features that further optimise usability and fields of application in research and development:

  • Changes in the user interface of SILAB, SILABAEdit and SILABPreview
  • Expansion and customisation of the available data processing units (DPUs)
  • Numerous new road users have been integrated: Over 20 new vehicles, new bicycle types and a train. In addition, a large number of graphic objects are available for decorating scenarios: elements for construction sites, industrial areas, railway stations, weekly markets, sports grounds and swimming pools
  • New models for speed traps have been created and can be triggered by the driver
  • More intuitive navigation thanks to the availability of a grid and display of the camera's reference position in SGEObjectPrev which can now open models via drag & drop
  • In the event of rain, raindrops can be displayed on the windscreen and wiped away by the variably activatable windscreen wiper
  • A new sound simulation of an electric vehicle has been integrated
  • The revised demo track contains many of the new elements and invites you to take a test drive!

For more detailed explanations of the new functionalities and the field of application of SILAB, please do not hesitate to contact us.