WIVW Gastgeber des Safe2Wheelers

Safe2wheelers COST Action aims at improving PTW safety with a holistic and integrated approach by acquiring, unifying and coordinating PTW safety research and ensuring broad dissemination towards PTW users, industry and public authorities.
Therefore, the idea is In order to bring together international experts working in the field of motorcycle safety for a mutual knowledge exchange, Safe2Wheelers will organize a workshop focusing on Accidentology and Simulators. An overview of best practices and results from PTW accident investigations and different existing motorcycle simulators shall be given and different technical solutions as well as potential use cases will be discussed. The workshop is open to industry and other researchers outside the COST Action network so that the dissemination of latest scientific findings is ensured.

Workshop invitation picture small
The workshop will start with a plenary session bringing Working Group 1 (PTW Accidentology) and Working Group 2 (Motorcycle Simulators) participants together. Afterwards the two focus groups will split up in separated sessions. A bus transfer to visit the motorcycle simulators at WIVW will be arranged for WG2 participants. A draft agenda can be found here.
More information about Safe2wheelers can be found in: www.safe2wheelers.eu